130726 [News] Suzy – Kim Soo Hyun chosen “men and women want to spend a summer vacation”


130726 [News] Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun ‘men and women want to spend a summer holiday with the Artists’ topped. Realtor, house managers, government officials, social workers, GED, Credit Bank System or certification / training company specializing in civil ㈜ edyuwil (NYSE yanghyeongnam, eduwill.net) 865 people who participate in cultural performances, events and results of a survey is conducted.

Miss A Suzy is 40.8% (353 people) were ranked 1, Park Bo-young 28.1% (243) was followed. Moon Geun Young was 14.6% (126), Sin Sae Kyung 8.8% (76), IU 7.7% (67)

Kim Soo-hyun is 34.0% (294 people) was ranked one. Song Joong Ki 24.3% (210) was followed by, Hyun Bin 21.4% (185), respectively. Yoo Ah in 10.6% (92), Jo In Sung 9.7% (84).

cr : Newsen via nate http://news.nate.com/view/20130726n11998

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