Invincible Youth 2 Ep 07

  • The Worker buat bikin kandang keledai & ayam >> Suzy milih Bora. Suzy kaget pas sunny milih dikira dya ternyata “next person” yaitu jiyoung (ekpresinya suzy “andwaeeee”)
  • Suzy breng bora dorong2 gerobak yg isiny poop sapi >>  kuat bget suzy d sni
  • Soogeun samchon say “We have to clean baby cow poop” trus suzy acung tngan smbil bilang “I don’t think it’ll be as hard as this”
  • Jumping game pake sekop 1st try suzy dpet skor 1, 2nd try suzy dpet skor 3 >> giant maknae
  • Suzy kasi nama sepasang keledai mereka hadang and kkadang (hadang : white donkey and kkadang : black donkey)



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