Invincible Youth 2 Ep 08

  • In New year, di episode ni suzy nelpon eomma nya.. nah pas nelp ringtone hp eomma nya OST suzy “To Much Tears”
  • Eh pas lagi ngomong ma soogeun samchon eomma suzy tiba2 dteng gthu aja (ekspresinya suzy “OMO!!”)
  • Pas “Guest Eomma” no 1 suzy ikut maju padahal eomma nya udah ada d situ. Pas d tanya alasan suzy say “Her voice is like my mom” (eomma nya ktawa2 d belakang). Then sunny say “Suzy u’r not sleeping right now are u?”, suzy replied “No”. And then Yewon asked “Then is this person your father?” (everybody start hard laughing) >> 4D Imagination
  • Suzy n her eomma >> her nose look same (everybody agree)
  • Season mother/daughter image talk >> “I really want to resemble” my daughters beauty and (clothes) size and of course it’s suzy eomma
  • Suzy teach her eomma to dance Bad Girl Good Girl (Like mother like daughter)
  • Suzy eomma did u know that suzy was going to become a singer?” n then suzy eomma say “Yes I could see it gradually, in elementary school starting around 4th grade she was in her own team practicing how to be a singer and she’s practicing until elementary school”
  • Suzy eomma said “Kim soo hyun’s kindness/niceness plus a gug who’s look like a friend and humorise person like yoo jae sook” >> talk about ideal type for her daughter
  • Q : “Suzy eomma, in what way do you feel u’r sorry? Then she say “I too feel I have a lot to be sorry for but since they were young I’v been involved in economic activity I could take care of the children well. So, things like that I  feel really sorry for” (Suzy eomma started to crying and also suzy too) >> so udh jelas bnget sikap kerja jeras suzy di peroleh dri keluarganya (Admin crying alots T_T)
  • Game season >> Eunyoung a.k.a amber girl’s group name is what?? Suzy eomma say “F (X)” CORRECT!!! And also “real name of Sunny SNSD” suzy eomma say “Lee Soonkyu”CORRECT AGAIN!!
  • Individual Battles  >> What difference height of Soogeun Samchon n Hyun Woo Samchon?? Suzy eomma ans “21,4 cm” and she’s winning the game.
  • Q : “Suzy eomma, is there something that you feel regretful about?”and she say “There’s a lot, especially things like late night filming when that happens I feel really regretful” >> starts crying again even suzy

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